Troxler Electronic Laboratories Acquires the Asphalt Testing Products

Research Triangle Park, NC (September 12, 2012) – Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc., the world leader in precision construction testing equipment, today announced the acquisition of Precision Machine and Welding’s asphalt testing equipment.  The acquisition includes the PMW WheelTracker, Linear Compactor and High Energy Asphalt Mixer, complimenting Troxler’s high quality and long lasting line of products for the construction testing industry.

The highlight of the acquisition is the PMW WheelTracker, a Hamburg style test used to determine the wearability and water damage potential of asphalt mixes.  The tests are performed by simulating roadway conditions in a controlled environment.  “PMW’s product line compliments the Troxler suite of testing equipment, and we are excited to begin this new chapter in our history,” comments Eric Dunkelberg, Troxler General Manager.

Troxler will manufacture the Troxler PMW WheelTracker at its Research Triangle Park, NC, location.  “This is an exciting day,” says Billy Troxler, President & CEO of Troxler and son of founder William F. Troxler.  He adds, “Not only does this acquisition show Troxler’s continued commitment to our customers and the highway industry, it underscores Troxler’s dedication to the safety and longevity of road systems through mix design and robust testing.”

Actively involved in research and national testing standards organizations, Troxler is at the forefront of and is committed to providing customers with accurate, precise, state-of-the-art products and services.

Notably, the Troxler Overlay Tester, a machine designed to establish material behavior of thinner specimens such as overlays and individual lift samples, can be used for design, acceptance and QC/QA.  Coupled with the Troxler PMW WheelTracker and vetted with the Troxler Model 5850 Gyratory Compactor, customers are able to achieve balanced mixes that meet SuperPave criteria.  “Our industry is changing.  Our customers are now maintaining existing road systems more than they are building new ones.  The Overlay Tester and the Troxler PMW WheelTracker provide our customers with a solution to designing mixes for rehabilitation and resurfacing,” states Darin Smith, North American Sales Manager.

“Above all else, Troxler has the customer in mind,” said Marketing Manager Christian Swiers.  She continues, “Troxler was built on meeting and exceeding customer needs with relevant products and services, and that remains our mission.  The addition of the PMW line of products furthers that mission.”

Customers may place orders and schedule service for existing units now.

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