Zorn’s ZFG 3000 GPS can be used to quickly and simply determine the load-bearing capacity and quality of soil compaction. Each measurement can immediately be allocated to the relevant position thanks to GPS. All data can be displayed both on site and on the PC without problems. The ZFG 3000 GPS is suitable both for self-supervision and for documentation of measured values.

A weight of 10 kg drops from a height of 72 cm on a load plate with a diameter of 300 mm. On the load plate an acceleration sensor is arranged. From this acceleration signal will be calculated the dynamic deformation modulus Evd.

The easy-to-operate ZFG 3000 GPS enables the user to enjoy short test times (approx. 2 minutes), precise measurements, on-site printouts complete with all information and simple data transmission to the PC with SD-Card. The measured result is available after only 4 steps.

Step 1

Put the load plate on measuring point

Step 2

Connect mechanic and electronic with cable.

Step 3

After three pre-load drops start the measuring process with three test loads.

Step 4

Measurement is completed. All files are saved, it can be printed and assigned to the PC.

The evaluation of the results of ZFG 3000 GPS can be on site and on the PC. By SD – card can be

Transferred up to 10,000 measurements to the PC in the “ZFG software. A link to Google Maps allows the visual representation of each measurement point on the map. The coordinates can converted to

UTM – format. The documentation is very simple to understand. Data from SD – card can select at the

moment of reading out.

Shown are:

* Three deflections with deflection curves and the average value

* The s/v – value as an indication of compaction

* The deformation modulus Evd in MN/m² or MPa

Our ZFG equipment (Zorn Fallgewichts Gerät, LWD, Light Weight Deflectometer) are used in road and railway construction to determine the quality of compaction.

The drop height of the weight is fixed and we measure the acceleration of the load plate and calculate from this value the deflection into the ground. The result is the so called E- Module (deformation module).

The ZFG also shows results in MN/m2 or MPa. The resolution is in the range of 0.001mm.

There are several options available, such as a mini-printer, a computer software and a GPS receiver.