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ZFG 3.0 Booklet 2019

ZFG 3000 Booklet


The Light Weight Deflectometer ZFG 3.0 is a further development of our proven ZFG 02.
It is even more convenient, lighter and simpler to use than its predecessor. Without compact design in a measuring case, this pocket-sized tester can operate just as well as its “big brothers”. Stored and protected in a sturdy leather case, the measurement results can be stored either on an SD card or in an internal memory. Intuitive menu-driven prompts allow even inexperienced users to reliably carry out and evaluate the tests.


The Light Weight Deflectometer ZFG 3000 GPS is the successor to our ZFG 2000 sold thousands of times. Away from the old-fashioned memory card in cheque card size with complicated installation of a card scanner and into the SD card and internal memory, even higher-capacity batteries and position fixing via GPS. A future-oriented representation of the Position using UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) safeguards the use even in future applications in pipework and cable installation.


Your benefits

  • Only hand-held tester in a leather case for hanging around your neck
  • Only hand-held tester with triangular carrying handle (no rolling during transport)
  • Only hand-held tester with SD memory card
  • Only hand-held tester with integrated calibration reminder
  • Only hand-held tester with self-test for function control of the unit
  • Up to 1500 tests with just one set of batteries (4x R6 batteries)
  • Variable text input
  • Variable pre-loading pulses
  • Choice of ten languages
  • Acoustic actuation signals
  • Plausibility check
  • Automatic saving of the collected data on SD card or in the internal memory
  • Certified in-house production
  • Reliable service – all from a single source