One Stop Testing Equipment working with Isolearn







One Stop Testing are now please to announce that we are working with Isolearn.

As a company Isolearn have a passion for knowledge and pride themselves in helping others understand complex informationusing Accelerated Visual Learning. They empower experts in whatever field,with new skills allowing them to develop quality content and provide a secure means of protecting that knowledge.

They also provide access to that knowledge for everyone, including those who feel left behind in the technology age. They allow there content to be downloaded, allowing our customers to learn in their own time, and at their own pace. Isolearn strive to deliver the highest quality content, using the best experts and educators.

Isolearn work closely with recognized accredited certification bodies, and constantly seek new ways to develop and present contentwhich is easy to understand.

Isolearn empower people with knowledge, and we watch them grow, with passion and pride in who they are, and there contribution to society.