Length comparator

/Length comparator

Length comparator

LENGTH COMPARATOR with Analogic Dial Indicator, 5 mm travel by 0,001 mm divisions, mod. S375.

Used to measure the length variations of mortar specimens after autoclave soundness tests. The top beam is adjustable to suit the specimen’s length. It also measures the linear shrinkage of specimens having different dimensions like:
– 40x40x160 mm EN 12617-4, EN 12808-4, ASTM C348, UNI 6687, NF P15-433, DIN 1164
– 25x25x250 mm ASTM C490
– 70,7×70,7×282,8 mm NF P18-427
– 75x75x254 mm BS 1881, 6073
– 50x50x200 mm EN 1367-04
Supplied without gauge and reference rod

ACCESSORIES for E077 KIT and E078 KIT:

E077 KIT
LENGTH COMPARATOR with dial indicator, 5 mm travel by 0,001
mm division mod. S375
See Catalogue section “E” pag. 321

LENGTH COMPARATOR with Digital Gauge 15,3 mm travel
by 0,001 mm divisions mod. S382-02, complete with battery, but
“without” RS232 port
E078-04 Reference rod, Invar, for 40x40x160mm specimens Standards: EN 12617-4, EN 12808-4, NF P15-433
E078-01 Reference rod, Invar, for 25x25x250mm and 75x75x254mm specimens.
Standards: ASTM C490, BS 1881, UNI 8520
E078-03 Reference rod, Invar, for 70x70x280 mm specimens
Standard: NF P18-427
E078-06 Reference rod, Invar, for 50x50x200 mm specimens
Standard: EN 1367-04

Dimensions: dia. 180 x 450 mm
Weight: 10 kg