What better way to complement the quality of the Troxler Superpave™ compactor than by using the best quality laboratory heating oven. Ovens from Despatch Industries will meet or exceed your expectations for a busy asphalt design and testing lab.
Since 1902, Despatch Industries has produced heat process equipment for a variety of industries, including ovens for asphalt testing. The LBB series from Despatch is designed specifically for Superpave mixtures and is now available through Troxler.
Consider these features:
• Forced convection heating provides the most consistent and uniform chamber heating.
• Faster heat-up rates using powerful open-coil heating elements for shorter processing times.
• Precise digital controls, easy for both simple and complex applications. A large LED display provides easy-to-read numbers. Controls that regulate temperatures within tight tolerances.
• Sturdy shelves – reinforced shelves handle up to 200 lbs. Ideal for Superpave mixtures and gyratory compactor molds.
• Easy to clean – with scratch-resistant, baked enamel exterior panels, stainless steel interior walls, and nickel plated shelves.
• A variety of models, both floor standing and bench-top, ranging from 1 – 27 cu.ft. capacity.
• Extended warranty – all heating elements have a five year warranty.
• All models are UL listed.
Two models available: LAC & LBB