5850 Gyratory Compactor

New and Improved!

The Model 5850 is Troxler’s newest Superpave™ Gyratory Compactor and the most advanced, easiest to use gyratory compactor on the market today. Completely redesigned with improved electronics, a hydraulic motor and software-adjustable angle of gyration, the durable 5850 will consistently stand up to the rigors of any asphalt lab.

Easy to Use

The Model 5850 is calibrated and ready to use upon arrival. The unit will compact asphalt samples to a specific height or a specific number of gyrations, and the angle of gyration is recorded with every gyration, assuring the operator of the angle stability. If the angle needs to be adjusted, this is done quickly and easily using the keypad. Storage of 20 tests, a large backlit screen and a USB port for printing and downloading test data make the Model 5850 the most user-friendly SGC on the market.

Simple Performance Test and Shear Capable

With the Model 5850, you can compact samples as tall as 185mm, allowing you to perform simple performance tests. The Model 5850 also offers a shear option, either before or after purchase. This optional feature includes several transducers that measure the shear forces acting on the specimen during gyration.

The Best Gyratory Compactor on the Market

The lighter weight, smaller footprint, portability, stiff frame, robust electronics and quiet operation of the Model 5850 add to the list of the improved features the operator will enjoy when using Troxler’s newest Superpave™ Gyratory Compactor. As the paving industry evolves, count on Troxler to keep you up-to-date.

Meets the following worldwide standards:
AASHTO T312 (USA), ASTM D6922 (USA), EN 12697-31 (European Union)

Troxler 5850 Gyratory Compactor Brochure