Infra Red Aphalt Analyser
How It Operates
The Asphalt Ignition oven is very easy to use. The asphalt mixture is spread on mesh sample baskets and the basket assemblies are placed in the NTO chamber. Simply close the oven door and press the start key to begin the combustion process. Built-in scales automatically measure mass loss and percent loss. A built-in printer provides a constant record of the results. The NTO stores up to 300 test results and correction factors. Either positive or negative aggregate correction factors can be used for a specific mixture. Data stored in the console can be downloaded by a computer through the RS-232 serial interface.

The NTO has many advantages over furnaces now on the market:

• Portable (weighs only 63.5 kg/140 lbs.)

• Infrared Technology (patents pending)

• Cleaner Burns (2/3 less emissions than produced by current technology)

• Time Savings:

• Oven ready for testing in less than 20 minutes

• Test results in as little as 20 minutes

• Current (choice of 15 amp, 120V or 20 amp, 208/240V line)

• No filters or after burners to service

• Sample size up to 5,000 grams

• No solvents

• Delivered fully assembled

• NCAT Ignition Method

Troxler NTO model 4730 & 4731 Brochure