The Model 4140-B Gyratory Compactor is built to SHRP specifications. It produces asphalt specimens that best predict long-term pavement performance. The SHRP Superpave™ program uses specimen height from each gyration during the consolidation cycle as the basis for asphalt mix design.

This information is not attainable from Marshall hammers or any other laboratory compaction equipment. Automatically measuring the specimen height during consolidation, the Model 4140-B produces a densification graph that the designer can use to produce the best possible paving mixture.

The Model 4140-B is simple to run. Pressing a single key lowers the ram, induces the angle, performs compaction, and records data. Every specimen is compacted with a constant consolidation pressure, angle, and rate of gyration, providing consistent samples time after time. These parameters are easily changed in minutes by following the menu instructions.

Troxler 4140 Gyratory Compactor Brochure