Shrinkage limit, complete set

///Shrinkage limit, complete set
SKU: S175

Shrinkage limit, complete set

Used to determine the maximum moisture content at which the soil does not shrink after drying the sample.
Complete with carrying case.

The set comprises:

– V122-04 Shrinkage dish, dia. 45×12,7 mm (2 pieces)
– V122-03 Crystallizing dish, dia. 57×32 mm
– S175-03 Shrinkage prong plate, made from plexiglass material with three metal prongs
– S175-04 Glass evaporating dish, dia. 120 mm flat bottom
– V100-01 Graduated cylinder 25 ml. capacity
– V192 Flexible spatula, 100 mm. blade
– S175-01 Plastic carrying case

Weight: 2 Kg

NOTE: Each item can be ordered separately.