Datatronic 16 channels

///Datatronic 16 channels
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Datatronic 16 channels

DATATRONIC 16 CHANNELS, expandable up to 128 channels, designed and created to satisfy the requirements of all laboratories, even the most complex.
Data collection is completely automatic, improving considerably the productivity and cost effectiveness. Windows based program with menu driven command selection, is straightforward and easy to follow and does not require a skilled operator.

The system can be used for:
– Oedometer (consolidation ) tests
– Direct and residual shear tests (cycle test)
– Triaxial UU, CU, CD tests
– CBR, Unconfined, Marshall tests.

The appliance consists of a central unit with a 32-bit processor.

Datatronic 128 has been created with an expandable structure and can manage from a minimum of 16 different independent channels to a maximum of 128, all of which can be calibrated and managed independently.
In its standard supply the appliance is delivered with 16 channels, cable to RS232 connection.
The expansion (optional) takes place through 16-channel internal analogue card. In the standard box it allows to store up to 64 channels. For more than 64 channels, a junction-box” is necessary to allow to store up to 64 additional channels for a total of 128.

The high resolution and contrast (negative blue) wide LCD display 320×240 pixel simultaneously visualizes all the 8 channels and by selection up to 128 channels.
The unit is capable of acquiring inputs from any type of transducer: Strain Gauge bridge or potentiometric. Continual live display of test diagrams.
Test data exportation with .TXT files for consecutive processes with Excel or other SW.
Personalized printouts of certificates and test diagrams. System configuration facilitated by a 5 key membrane keyboard with encoder for rapid setting.
Memorization of every configuration and calibration. Data logging (from PC using the Windows based program) is facilitated by user-friendly Matest basic data acquisition software included in the standard package.
The system allows setting for each channel the sampling type in linear form square root form logarithmic form and personaliz-able form with frequencies from very fast (one second) to infinite without reading limits (storage limits are linked to PC memory) with the possibility of delaying the start time.
Password protected configuration and calibration. All data is saved on the RAM memory. Battery backed data storage. The appliance contains an analogue / digital 24 bits conversion device. Display type size can be chosen from engineering units for load strain volume variation pressure and personalized units.
Datatronic provides a 5Vdc output (mod S336 three outputs of 35 10Vdc) for the auxiliary transducer supply. A PGA regulation system allows a wide range of electric signals to be selected with an input of 20mV to +/- 25V (whether at half or full bridge).

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50Hz
Dimensions: 240x370x20 mm (460x540x350 mm for mod S336)
Weight: 5 kg (12 kg)