Concrete workability meter

///Concrete workability meter
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Concrete workability meter

The concrete workability meter (also known as plastometer) is designed to test concrete for dynamic workability. It is suitable for field and laborator y tests to check:

– concrete mix for consistency,expecially water content
– optimum propor tioning of concrete constituents (sand, gravel, water, cement)
– possible improvment when admixing a plastifier
– comparing two concrete types

The unit consists of a prismatic receiver divided into two unequal volumes by a removable par tition, and an electric vibrator. The fresh concrete is poured into the large volume space, the separating par tition is removed, and the vibrator starts automatically.
The test consists in measuring the time required for the concrete to reach an uniform distribution in the receivers

Power supply:220-240 V 1ph 50 Hz 300 W
Dimensions:820x420x410 mm
Weight:80 Kg