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  • 4140 Gyratory Compactor

    The Model 4140-B Gyratory Compactor is built to SHRP specifications. It produces asphalt specimens that best predict long-term pavement performance. The SHRP Superpave™ program uses specimen height from each gyration during the consolidation cycle as the basis for asphalt mix design. This information is not attainable from Marshall hammers or any other laboratory compaction equipment. Automatically measuring the specimen height during consolidation, the Model 4140-B produces a densification graph that the designer can use to produce the best possible paving mixture. The Model 4140-B is simple to run. Pressing a single key lowers the ram, induces the angle, performs compaction, and records data. Every specimen is compacted with a constant consolidation pressure, angle, and rate of gyration, providing consistent samples time after time. These parameters are easily changed in minutes by following the menu instructions. Troxler 4140 Gyratory Compactor Brochure
  • Gyratory Shear Kit

    The Economic Shear Solution Don’t let a shear specification stop you from winning bids. Troxler Electronic Laboratories can save your company money with the Gyratory Shear Kit (GSK). The GSK turns any gyratory compactor on the market into a shear-enabled unit without the expense of purchasing a new machine. Place the 1.125” tall device in your 150mm mold, fill with mix, and run the specimen. The GSK calculates the shear moment at each rotation. Workable and Stable Mixes The three load cells on the GSK measure and analyze all of the forces acting on mixes. The workability of a mix and its stability under traffic loads are estimated based on the computed compaction force and traffic force indices. HMA, WMA and RAP mixtures are compatible with the GSK.
  • Troxler Asphalt Ignition Oven & Content Gauges

    Infra Red Aphalt Analyser How It Operates The Asphalt Ignition oven is very easy to use. The asphalt mixture is spread on mesh sample baskets and the basket assemblies are placed in the NTO chamber. Simply close the oven door and press the start key to begin the combustion process. Built-in scales automatically measure mass loss and percent loss. A built-in printer provides a constant record of the results. The NTO stores up to 300 test results and correction factors. Either positive or negative aggregate correction factors can be used for a specific mixture. Data stored in the console can be downloaded by a computer through the RS-232 serial interface. The NTO has many advantages over furnaces now on the market: • Portable (weighs only 63.5 kg/140 lbs.) • Infrared Technology (patents pending) • Cleaner Burns (2/3 less emissions than produced by current technology) • Time Savings: • Oven ready for testing in less than 20 minutes • Test results in as little as 20 minutes • Current (choice of 15 amp, 120V or 20 amp, 208/240V line) • No filters or after burners to service • Sample size up to 5,000 grams • No solvents • Delivered fully assembled • NCAT Ignition Method Troxler NTO model 4730 & 4731 Brochure
  • Troxler Gyratory Compactor Accesories

    The Brovold DAV II – HMS™ Dynamic Angle Verification with Hot Mixed Simulator   Dynamic-Angle-Verification-2A critical factor with the Superpave™ Gyratory Compactor (SGC) is the angle of gyration during the compaction cycle. The DAV II – Hot Mixed Simulator (HMS) is making the process of checking and adjusting the angle much easier and more reliable. Several years ago the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) determined that a key factor in agreement between gyratory compactors was the internal-mold angle of gyration. Tom Brovold of Test Quip, Inc. worked with FHWA and invented the DAV specifically for this purpose. Now this concept has been improved with the development of DAV II – HMS. Troxler has joined with Mr. Brovold to make this new device available for all compactor owners. The DAV II – HMS works without mix (simulating mix properties); or the DAV II can be used with hot mixed asphalt. The Hot Mixed Simulator (HMS) replaces hot mixed asphalt to simulate the forces applied directly inside the compaction mold. An asphalt mix has a shear factor that is different for the type and size of aggregate being used. The HMS measured angle needs to be compared to the angle measured with the actual hot mixed asphalt that will be produced to ensure the compactor is set with the appropriate angle of gyration. The DAV is the only internal-angle-measuring device that gives you the option of measuring angle with or without hot mixed asphalt. A single replaceable battery, that will give the user years of service life, powers the DAV II. The circuitry and mechanical parts are designed for the elevated temperatures encountered with hot mixed asphalt. The DAV II – HMS can be used in a cold gyratory mold or, preferably, in a hot mold. You do not use a cold mold when you compact specimens; so why use a cold mold during the angle check. Go ahead and use a hot mold, DAV II can take it!
  • Troxler Gyratory Compators

    5850 Gyratory Compactor

    New and Improved! The Model 5850 is Troxler’s newest Superpave™ Gyratory Compactor and the most advanced, easiest to use gyratory compactor on the market today. Completely redesigned with improved electronics, a hydraulic motor and software-adjustable angle of gyration, the durable 5850 will consistently stand up to the rigors of any asphalt lab. Easy to Use The Model 5850 is calibrated and ready to use upon arrival. The unit will compact asphalt samples to a specific height or a specific number of gyrations, and the angle of gyration is recorded with every gyration, assuring the operator of the angle stability. If the angle needs to be adjusted, this is done quickly and easily using the keypad. Storage of 20 tests, a large backlit screen and a USB port for printing and downloading test data make the Model 5850 the most user-friendly SGC on the market. Simple Performance Test and Shear Capable With the Model 5850, you can compact samples as tall as 185mm, allowing you to perform simple performance tests. The Model 5850 also offers a shear option, either before or after purchase. This optional feature includes several transducers that measure the shear forces acting on the specimen during gyration. The Best Gyratory Compactor on the Market The lighter weight, smaller footprint, portability, stiff frame, robust electronics and quiet operation of the Model 5850 add to the list of the improved features the operator will enjoy when using Troxler’s newest Superpave™ Gyratory Compactor. As the paving industry evolves, count on Troxler to keep you up-to-date. Meets the following worldwide standards: AASHTO T312 (USA), ASTM D6922 (USA), EN 12697-31 (European Union) Troxler 5850 Gyratory Compactor Brochure
  • Troxler Laboratory Despatch Ovens

    What better way to complement the quality of the Troxler Superpave™ compactor than by using the best quality laboratory heating oven. Ovens from Despatch Industries will meet or exceed your expectations for a busy asphalt design and testing lab. Since 1902, Despatch Industries has produced heat process equipment for a variety of industries, including ovens for asphalt testing. The LBB series from Despatch is designed specifically for Superpave mixtures and is now available through Troxler. Consider these features: • Forced convection heating provides the most consistent and uniform chamber heating. • Faster heat-up rates using powerful open-coil heating elements for shorter processing times. • Precise digital controls, easy for both simple and complex applications. A large LED display provides easy-to-read numbers. Controls that regulate temperatures within tight tolerances. • Sturdy shelves – reinforced shelves handle up to 200 lbs. Ideal for Superpave mixtures and gyratory compactor molds. • Easy to clean – with scratch-resistant, baked enamel exterior panels, stainless steel interior walls, and nickel plated shelves. • A variety of models, both floor standing and bench-top, ranging from 1 – 27 cu.ft. capacity. • Extended warranty – all heating elements have a five year warranty. • All models are UL listed. Two models available: LAC & LBB