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  • Troxler 3216 Roof Gauge

    Leaking roofs are one of industry’s most persistent and costly problems. The loss of insulating properties, structural deterioration and damage to interiors caused by these leaks cost owners of flat, built-up roofs billions of dollars every year. And much of this expense is wasted because the entire roof is removed when only a portion of it actually needed replacing. Troxler 3216 Brochure (Roof Moisture Gauge)
  • Troxler 4300 Soil Moisture Gauge

    To get maximum yields and higher profits you’ve got to know precisely how much moisture is available to your crops’ thirsty root system. The easiest, most precise way to monitor your soil’s moisture content is with the 4301/02 Soil Moisture Gauge. Precise on-the-spot moisture readings from the entire root zone, as well as areas above and below, can be taken wherever, whenever, and at whatever depths you choose. Troxler, the world’s leader in moisture gauges for over 40 years, developed the 4301/02 specifically to meet the highest standards of growers, researchers, and consultants who demand precision, speed, durability, and dependability. Simple to Operate Using the Model 4301/02 is simple. Access tubes are placed where moisture needs to be monitored and the probe is lowered into the tube. Neutrons emitted by the probe enter the soil and are thermalized by the hydrogen present in water. These thermalized neutrons enter the helium-3 detector and are registered as a count. Then using a calibration the detected counts are converted into the precise soil moisture readings you require.
  • Troxler Model 3430 Troxler Moisture Density Gauge

    The Model 3430 offers you a choice of backscatter or direct transmission for density measurement and backscatter for moisture measurement. The Model 3430 adheres to ASTM Standard Test Methods D-6938 (which replaced ASTM D-2922 and ASTM D-3017 as of November 2006), D-2950, C-1040 and AASHTO T-310. The gauge directly displays wet density, moisture, dry density, percent moisture, percent compaction, void ratio and percent voids in English or metric units. Troxler 3430 Brochure (Nuclear Density Gauge)
  • Troxler 3440 Gauge

    Troxler Model 3430/40 Troxler Moisture Density Gauge Plus

    These two models appear very similar to each other, utilizing the same keypad and software, however the 3440 Plus offers many features never before seen on a nuclear gauge. These brand new features include: a remote start keypad, USB data transfer option, loud external beeper, and GPS capabilities (optional). Meet ASTM Standards: ASTM D-6938 (which replaced ASTM D-2922 and ASTM D-3017 as of November 2006), D-2950, and C-1040 Troxler 3430 & 3440 Plus Brochure (Nuclear Density Gauge)
  • Troxler Model 3440 Troxler Moisture Density Gauge

    The Model 3440 gives you the features you need for compaction control, but its enhanced capabilities make it a step above our basic Model 3430. The Model 3440 is used to measure the density of asphalt, soil, aggregate or concrete and the moisture of soil or aggregate. Density can be measured in either the backscatter or direct transmission mode and moisture is measured in the backscatter mode. The backscatter mode is ideal for concrete and hot asphalt, while direct transmission is the choice for 50 – 300 mm (2 – 12 inch) lifts of soil and aggregates. Test results in as little as 1 minute allow additional compactive effort to be applied immediately if necessary. Troxler 3440 Brochure (Nuclear Density Gauge)
  • TROXLER 3440 NDG

    Troxler Model 3450 Troxler Moisture Density Gauge

    Troxler establishes a new standard for the construction industry with the totally new, totally different Model 3450 RoadReader Plus. It is the most versatile moisture/density gauge ever produced. The RoadReader Plus combines the measurement modes proven in thousands of Troxler 3400 series gauges with a patented method for true thin layer asphalt and concrete bridge deck overlay density measurement. By combining thin layer and full depth measuring capabilities in one instrument, the RoadReader Plus is our flagship gauge in the 3400 series. With its versatility, speed, and economy the RoadReader Plus is designed to satisfy your compaction control needs at every stage of your project. Troxler 3450 Brochure (Nuclear Density Gauge)
  • Troxler The PaveTracker Plus Non Nuclear Gauge

    The PaveTracker Plus is a follow-up to the original PaveTracker. Both devices provide         advanced, patented technology designed for the asphalt industry that allows rapid and reliable pavement measurements. The Model 2701-B is a lightweight non-nuclear device for measuring the uniformity of asphalt pavement. The measurements are practically instantaneous when the device is placed on the asphalt surface. Areas of segregation, low density or other non-uniformity are easily detected by the PaveTracker Plus, which allows the operator to correct the problem before construction is complete. The advanced software, built-in reference plate and enlarged display screen are some of the features that make the 2701-B the most user friendly non-nuclear asphalt quality control device available today. Troxler 2701B Brochure (Pave Tracker Plus)