Field Inspection And Sampling

Augers Power Head

Product Code

UTS-0005            Augers Power Head
UTS-0008            Single Flute Bit Ø:80×1000 mm
UTS-0010            Single Flute Bit Ø:100×1000 mm
UTS-0015            Single Flute Bit Ø:150×1000 mm
UTS-0020            Single Flute Bit Ø:200×1000 mm


ASTM D420, D1452; AASHTO T86, T202; CNR a. VI n.25

Used in conjunction with sampling tubes to obtain disturbed or undisturbed soil samples. 47.7 cc displacement, 40:1 reduction ratio, 80-100-150-200 mm bit diameter. The Auger should be ordered separately.

Product Code Dimensions Weigth Power
UTS-0005 400x400x500 mm 10 kg 1600 W
UTS-0008 150x150x1150 mm 1 kg
UTS-0010 200x150x1150 mm 2 kg
UTS-0015 200x150x1150 mm 3 kg
UTS-0020 200x150x1150 mm 4 kg