Moisture meter, advanced model

SKU: C374-06

Moisture meter, advanced model

This pocket electronic instrument measures the quantity of water in various solid materials such as: concrete, masonry, gypsum, brick, woods, mortars etc.
Using a high frequency capacitive sensor, a large volume of material (approx. 50x75x25mm) is sampled instantaneously.

Features and Benefits:
– Direct read-out of moisture content; no charts or tables required
– Resolution: +/- 0,1%
– Accuracy: +/- 0,2% at constant temperature
– Sensing field volume: approx. 90 cm3
– Program mode on concrete, masonry, gypsum, brick, most woods available for maximum accuracy, with special user calibrated mode and averaging function.
– No prongs, probes or holes to be drilled

Typical Applications:
– Locate leaking pipes in walls and floors
– Locate seeping water in basements and masonry tanks
– Check moisture level of materials before applying coatings or adhesives
– Curing condition of wood, stucco and other construction materials

Powered by: battery 9 V
Dimensions: 110x70x50 mm
Weight: 250 g approx.