Universal hydraulic extruder

SKU: S111

Universal hydraulic extruder

Used for a smooth and rapid extrusion of soil samples from tubes also of thin walls with minimum disturbance. The unit extrudes samples from dia.35 up to 101,6 mm with max. stroke of 900 mm.
The hydraulic piston is equipped of speed adjuster and can be stopped in any excursion ‘s position.

Max.load:70 kN (7000 kg)

The extruded sample is held in place by a receiving table adjustable in height and easily lowered along side the machine to save space.
Complete with adaptors (ring +tamper)to extrude samples having dia.38,83,100 mm

Power supply:220-240V 1ph 50Hz 1300W
Dimensions (working position):2741 x 635 xh 1200 mm
Weight:160 kg