SKU: C104-10N


SOFTWARE-FIRMWARE for the automatic servocontrolled management of the testing machine to measure:
The servo-strain software/firmware can be applied ONLY to Matest servo-plus evolution testing machines.

The system is connected to displacement or strain transducers allowing to automatically perform the following tests:
– Deflection on fiber reinforced concrete beams (ASTM C1018 / EN 11039-03, EN 14487-1, EN 14488-1, EN 14651-05)
– Punching of sprayed concrete plate with measurement of the absorbed energy (EN 10834, EN 14488-3, EN 14488-05)
– Deformation, Elastic Modulus and ductility on building materials.
– Research tests
The applied load is automatically controlled by the servo-plus evolution machine.
The displacement of the piston or the strain/deformation of the sample are controlled by the servo-strain software, through a linear strain gage transducer (accessory), calculating values such as deflection, energy absorption, elastic modulus, ductility.

Technical features:
The same as Servo-plus evolution mod. C104N, and in addition:
– Real time Graphical/Numerical visualization of all the test data (load, strain, displacement, energy absorption, deflection, ductility, elastic modulus etc.)
– Printing of test results and certificate on the onboard printer, or on a laser printer (accessories) directly connected to the machine via USB port.
– Personalized management of the archive exportable through pendrive.
– Possibility to connect up to 3 test frames
– Eight analog channels to connect load cells or pressure transducers with strain gage technology, linear displacement/deformation transducers and with strain gage technology.


Strain, Elastic Modulus, Ductility, Post-breaking behavior
Compression tests on concrete specimens, fiber reinforced concrete (FRC), concrete reinforced with polymer fiber lining (FRP), building materials, and for research and experimental tests in order to evaluate the behavior of a specimen subjected to compression stress.

Deflection measurement on fiber reinforced concrete beams 100x100x400(500) mm and 150x150x500(600) mm
Standards: EN 11039-03, 14487-1, 14488-1, 14651-05 / ASTM C1018
It is used with a flexural frame machine with Servo-Plus Evolution (to be selected among the models C090-07N, C091-03N) with the addition of the specific equipment required to perform the test.

Punching test on sprayed concrete specimens with measurements of the energy absorption.
Standards: EN 10834, EN 14488-3, EN 14488-05
It is used with the flexural frame machine with Servotronic model C090-07N, with the addition of the specific equipment required to perform the test.