Elastic modulus on concrete

/Elastic modulus on concrete
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Elastic modulus on concrete

Determination of the secant compression ELASTIC MODULUS on concrete
System: Automatic with pace rate control also when releasing the load.

It can be used with a MATEST high stability frame with capacity of 2000 or 3000 or 5000 kN coupled to the automatic servo-controlled system Servo-Plus Evolution (mod. C104N).

The appliance includes:
Hydraulic system
It is an hydraulic installation and has a high performance valve directly controlled by the digital unit that grants the automatic control of the pace rate increasing the load, keeps a certain load and than controls the pace rate decreasing the load.
The setting of the pace rate is made by a very sensitive valve controlled by a step by step motor and it allows a micrometric action on the pace rate granting excellent results.
A laser position detector allows a rapid positioning of the piston. This grants a touching sensitivity of test starting of about 0,1 per thousand of the maximum capacity.
Electronic measuring system
The high performance control and data processing unit controlled by a 32 bit microprocessor, can manage up to 8 high resolution channels for the control of load cells or transducers with strain gages bridge.
The unit contains two Analogical/Digital last generation converters with 24 bits resolution. The system processes the signals coming from the load cells and from the extensometers giving all the results required for a further processing following the most updated International Standards for this application.
Data acquisition and processing software UTM2
License for Elastic Modulus on Concrete.
The software has been developed on the working line of the already known software UTM-2 (windows menu). It contains the profiles of the main Standards used, but the user can modify as he likes and personalise the test profile, that will be effected in a
completely automatic way by the testing machine.

The software gives the possibility to print on a standard printer a test certificate reporting all the data concerning the test and the specimen and the graph of the test. The software includes the license “Servonet” mod. C123N, while the extensometers (two models are proposed: A and B) are not included in the standard supply and must be ordered separately.
The user can introduce a list of data concerning the specimen that will be tested and the kind of test that he wants to make: shape of the specimen (cylinder-cube-block), dimensions, age of the specimen, average expected breaking value, etc…

The appliance allows verifying the proper reading of the extensometers and, if everything is within the expected tolerances, it manages the average deformation value read by the transducers and processed by the digital unit, than it transmits by means of the communication port RJ (Network Connection) to a Personal Computer, that can be already by the end user or supplied separately all the data of the test. These data will be processed by the software and transformed in a graph load/deformation and load/time, following the International Standards.