The DTS-30 Dynamic Testing System is a servo-hydraulic testing machine utilizing digital control of a high performance servo valve to provide accurate loading wave shapes up to 100Hz. The DTS-30 can be operated in tension, compression dynamic loading and is suited to testing a diverse range of materials such as asphalt, soil, unbound granular materials, fibres and plastics.

The DTS-30 is underpinned by leading edge CDAS digital controller, TestLab software and a full complement of accessories … hardware and software in perfect unison.

CDAS Digital Controller:

The compact Control and Data Acquisition System (CDAS) delivers unparalleled performance, real time control and ultimate versatility in acquisition. The CDAS provides excellent waveform fidelity from integrated acquisition and control functions, with low level sampling at speeds of up to 200,000 samples per second simultaneously on all channels (using up to 64x oversampling) gives superior low noise performance and resolution of 20 bit over the full dynamic input signal range (no auto ranging required).

TestLab Software:

Developed with ultimate flexibility in mind, TestLab test and control software caters to all levels of operator experience. By use of pre-programmed “Method files”, an inexperienced operator can run a range of international test methods without the need for any programming. Moreover, a test “Wizard”, available with popular tests can guide the operator step by step based on a “recipe book” approach. Most importantly, the experienced engineer and/or researcher need not be constrained by the functions and analysis in the method files provided. The operator may, clone, modify and/or generate his/her own method file to suit their specific requirements. The Excel based data analysis offers the operator the flexibility to implement alternative analysis and customized reporting facilities.
TestLab allows for real time graphing of results and configurable real time transducer levels display with unprecedented clarity of results and analytical power.


A virtually limitless range of testing accessories is available for the DTS-16 system including, a range of climatic chambers, compression platens, indirect tensile fixtures, bending jigs, triaxial cells, transducers and other customer specified jigs and fixtures.