Micro-deval testing machine

SKU: A077

Micro-deval testing machine


Used to determine the resistance of aggregates by abrasion. The machine essentially comprises a heavy steel frame on which the following stainless steel cylinders can be mounted:
4 cylinders dia 200x154mm, or
2 cylinders dia 200x400mm, or
2 cylinders dia 200x154mm and 1 dia 200x400mm
The Micro-Deval is supplied complete with separate control panel fitted with a digital automatic revolutions counter.
Supplied without stainless steel cylinders and without stainless steel spheres which have to be ordered separately.
It cannot be sold in CE markets without security cabinet (mod. A077-01)

Power supply: 230V 50Hz 1ph 750W
Dimensions: 1000x450x920mm
Weight: 150 kg approx.

– A078-15 CYLINDER, standard, stainless steel, 200 mm dia. x 152 mm length
(4 pieces are required) EN 1097-1
– A078-11 SPHERES, stainless steel, 10 mm dia. Pack of 20 kg EN 1097-1

– A078-12 CYLINDER, stainless steel, 200 mm dia. x 400 mm length. Conforming to EN 13450, NF P18-572
– A078-13 SPHERES, stainless steel, 30 mm dia. Pack of 12 pieces. NF P18-576
– A078-14 SPHERES, stainless steel, 18 mm dia. Pack of 52 pieces. NF P18-576
– A078-16 CYLINDER, HIGH PERFORMANCE, stainless steel, 200 mm dia. x 152 mm length. EN 1097-1
– A048-14 BAR GRID SIEVE, sloth width 9,5 mm. Used to check the wear of the spheres of the Micro-Deval having nominal size 10 mm.