Falling head permeameter

///Falling head permeameter

Falling head permeameter

Used to determine the permeability of clay-like or silty soils. The specimen is confined within the permeameter which is connected to the manometer tube filled with water.
The sample must be completely satured with water before the test, and the operator will check the rate of fall of the water in the tube passing through the test specimen.

The set consists of: – S246-01 Manometer tubes and stand with three tubes each dia. 3, 4 and 6 mm for the different degrees of permeability, soaking reservoir with cock, tubing and connectors.
– S252 Permeameter dia. 4 complete with perforated plates and stainless steel gauze

Stand dimensions: 1700x220x50 mm
Peso: 18 Kg

– S253 Permeameter dia. 6″ complete with perforated plates and stainless steel gauze
– S355 De-airing tank 20 litre capacity made from acrylic plexiglass
– S355-01 Water trap to collect the water condensation
– V203 Portable vacuum pump 230 V 1ph 50 Hz
– V230-03 Rubber tubing for vacuum 3 m long.