Digital plate bearing test equip. 500 kN capacity

///Digital plate bearing test equip. 500 kN capacity
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Digital plate bearing test equip. 500 kN capacity

Digital plate bearing test equipment 500 kN capacity Three linear displacement transducers and Datatronic 7 acquisition system

Consisting of:

– S227-02 Hydraulic jack 500 kN capacity, complete with hand pump, spherical seat, rubber pipe with fast connector, set of extension rods of different lengths, carrying case.
– C116-09S Pressure transducer, connected to the pump.
– C405-15 Datatronic 7 for data acquisition, visualization, processing and storing, RS232 to PC.
– S224-21 Software for test data processing, complete with serial cable to PC
– S226-05 Load plate 300 mm dia.
– S226-06 Intermediate plate 160 mm dia.
– S222-03 Datum bar assembly, 2,5 m long, telescopic, aluminium made, adjustable in height, complete with base supports, plumb and spirit level. Packed separayely.
– S336-14 n° 3 linear displacement transducers, 50 mm travel.
– S336-31 n° 3 Extension cables for transducer, 5 m long.
– S226-16 n° 3 articulated transducer supports with adjustment device.
– S335-15 n° 3 universal coupling pliers for transducers.

Weight: 110 kg approx.

– S226-01 Loading plate dia. 450 mm
– S226-02 Loading plate dia. 600 mm
– S226-03 Loading plate dia. 760 mm
– S226-09 Set of telescopic extension rods, aluminium made, to be connected to the datum bar mod. S222-03 (2,5 m long) to obtain a max. adjustable lenght of 5,5 m as requsted by ASTM, CNR Specifications