Cold bend testing machine

//Cold bend testing machine

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Cold bend testing machine

This equipment has been studied and designed to perform bending tests on steel bars for reinforced concrete.
The test consists in bending the bar at 180° or to bend the same at 90° and then straighten if of at least 20°.

This bending machine is composed of a rugged frame supporting a beam having a cylinder with relevant load piston fixed on it, being activated by an hydraulic cell complete with speed adjuster for the piston, direction control valve, max. pressure valve, control gauge.

The whole is cased to protect every single component from the dust, and the operator from any possible danger. A small bowl has been fitted under the beam, where the steel bar is bent.
Two contrasting rollers are fitted on the beam. They may easily be adjusted in distance to be in accordance with the Standards concerning bars having diameter between 5 and 40 mm.
Fixing and changing the mandrels on top of the thrust cylinder is easy and practical and grants the operator a perfect interchangeability of the same. A device prevents the unlocking of the bar under test from the relevant rollers and the contrasting mandrel both during the bending and the staightening operation.

The machine accepts bars up to Ø 40 mm. and is supplied complete with two series of rollers, having respectively Ø mm. 50 and 100. The mandrels, the mandrel-holders and the brackets are not included in the standard supply and have to be ordered separately.


  • Max. piston load: 16 kN
  • Max. piston stroke: 550 mm
  • Piston speed adjustable from 0 to 6 mm/s
  • Power supply: 230V 1ph 50 Hz 1500W
  • Dimensions: mm 1540x800xh 1300
  • Weight: 350 kg

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