Electro-hydraulic loading and control system

///Electro-hydraulic loading and control system
SKU: C109-09N

Electro-hydraulic loading and control system

Electro-Hydraulic loading and control system consisting of:

– Double action alloy steel ram + cylinder. The ram is ground.
max. load capacity: 1000 kN
max. ram travel: 400 mm approx.
upper attachment for steel frame cross-mean coupling.
spherical seat fixed to the ram for an uniform loading.

Hydro-Plus Evolution loading and control cabinet complete with hydraulic multipiston power pack group maximum pressure safety valve decompression valve oil flow control valve granting smooth and accurate load pace.
– Computerized graphic display “Cyber-Plus Evolution” unit model C109N for the acquisition visualisation processing printing and saving of the test data and certificates.
– Electric load cell 1000 kN capacity for accurate load measurement directly from the ram.
– Two flexible high pressure hoses 8 meters long to connect the cylinder to the hydraulic power pack.

Power supply: 220V 50Hz 1000W
Dimensions: 500 x 530 xh 1300 mm
Weight: 70 kg