Digital resistivity 2-probe array meter

///Digital resistivity 2-probe array meter
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Digital resistivity 2-probe array meter

Digital resistivity 2-probe array meter. Used for assessing the probable rate of corrosion in reinforcing bars with the electric resistivity measurement method.

A highly permeable concrete has a high conductivity with reduced electrical resistance.
The knowledge of the electrical resistance of a concrete allows to measure the possible rate of corrosion of steel reinforced bars embedded in it.

The test is simple to perform and requires only two 6,5 mm diameter holes drilled to a depth of 8 mm. Inject a small amount of conductive gel into each hole and insert the probes. The resistivity value is immediately displayed.
– Measuring range: 0,5 to 20 kΩ cm, with 0.1 kΩ resolution.
– 2-probe array spacing: 5 cm
– Display: LCD 4 1⁄4 digit
– Battery operated with 100 hours operating time
The instrument is supplied complete with drill bit, gel, template,
accessories, carrying case.

Dimensions: 400x270x130mm
Total weight: 4 kg