Compressometer for cylinders

///Compressometer for cylinders
SKU: C130N

Compressometer for cylinders

COMPRESSOMETER for cylinders dia. 150×300, 160×320 mm and 6×12″.

Used to determine the strain and deformation characteristics of concrete specimens. It comprises two steel rings for clamping to the specimen two gauge length bars and spherically-seated lever unit.

Supplied “without” dial gauge or strain transducer to be ordered separately.

The Compressometer C130N and the Compressometer/Extensometer C133 connected to electronic linear displacement transducers (accessory mod. S336-11) can be used with Matest compression machines equipped with Cyber-Plus Evolution C109N or Servo-Plus Evolution C104N control unit.

The displacement transducer is “directly” connected to one of the eight channels available on the digital Cyber/Servo Plus unit.
Through the suitable Software (accessory mod. C134-05) the digital unit will automatically elaborate the data supplying the load/deformation graphic with certificate printing.