Calorimeter heat of hydration of cement

///Calorimeter heat of hydration of cement
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Calorimeter heat of hydration of cement


Used to determine the heat of hydration of low heat Portland and hydraulic cement.
The apparatus consists of a Dewar flask contained in an insulated material and housed in a wooden box which is hinged so that the flask can be easily removed or replaced.
A second hinged wooden box contains the first one, granting a better insulation, as expressly requested by the a.m. Standards.
The Calorimeter is supplied complete with a constant speed electric stirrer, and filler glass funnel.
The standard supply does not include:
– the thermometer (to be selected from Beckman or digital model; see accessories)
– the propeller (selecting it from the specific Standard; see accessories)

which must be ordered separately.

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50Hz 150W
Dimensions: 350 x 250 xh 680 mm
Weight : 12 kg approx.

E062-02 BECKMAN centesimal glass mercury thermometer, or:
E062-04 DIGITAL THERMOMETER. Resolution: 0,01°C. Complete with probe, or:
E062-04N DIGITAL THERMOMETER. Resolution: 0,001°C.
– Memory for 10000 readings
– Displays, stores and prints: min, max, mean values, delta T
– Alarm if limit values are exceeded
– Battery operated
E061-11 PROPELLER, conforming to ASTM C186 Specifications, or:
E061-12 PROPELLER, conforming to EN 196-8 Specifications.

V300-19 Paraffin wax with melting point 55°C to coat the glass parts which are in contact with the hydrofluoric acid.

E062-01 Dewar flask
E062-03 Filler glass funnel