DSR – Dynamic Shear Rheometer

///DSR – Dynamic Shear Rheometer
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DSR – Dynamic Shear Rheometer


The DSR is a dynamic shear rheometer system specifically configured

to apply controlled shear deformation to asphalt binder or bitumen

samples; and for the determination of the elastic and viscous behavior

of a bituminous binder. The system enables measurement of flow properties

(such as shear viscosity from flow tests) and dynamic material

properties (such viscoelastic modulus and phase angle from oscillation

tests) to Asphalt industry standards.

The DSR has been designed to satisfy the demands of high throughput

grade testing of Asphalt binders (bitumen) to AASHTO Specifications.

Integrated fluid immersion cell specifically based on patented principle

for temperature control of highly thermally-sensitive asphalt or bitumen


Excellent temperature stability and accuracy: +/- 0.01°C. resolution.

Rapid, robust manual gap set, with pre-set gaps for AASHTO tests for

simplicity of use. Plate measuring systems, both upper and lower plates,

designed to comply with industry Standards (AASHTO).

Dedicated AASHTO specification QC software package (TruGrade)


Multiple stress creep recovery kit (MSCR) to ASTM D4705 test.


– Torque range: 10 μNm to 10 mNm

– Torque resolution: 1 μNm

– Position resolution: 1μrad

– Frequency range: 10 μHz to 100 Hz

– Temperature control range:

5°C to 95°C (total immersion cell)

– Temperature accuracy:

better than ± 0.1°C.

The Rheometer requires to be connected to:

– PC and color printer

– Compressed air: 6 bar clean, dry air

That are not included in the supply.

Power supply: 110V or 220V 1ph 50/60Hz

Dimensions: 230 x 350 xh 600 mm. Weight: 18 kg