ARC – Asphalt Roller Compactor

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ARC – Asphalt Roller Compactor


– Possibility to use standard or heated segment rollers of different sizes

(see accessories): width up to 400 mm, length up to 500 mm and

radius 490 mm, to obtain slabs of

320×260 mm, thick up to 180 mm

305x305x25 to 100 mm thick

400x305x25 to 100 mm thick

500×400 mm, thick up to 180mm

– Vertical force selectable up to max. 40 kN

Programmable density target compaction

– Policarbonate safety guard as requested by CE Directive

– Possibility to perform the two-phase procedure (Pre-compaction

and Compaction) as specified by TP Asphalt-StB 33 or even just

one of them

– The required n° of passes can be set before starting the test

allowing an accurate test control by n° of passes

Sliding carriage speed adjustable between 3 m/min and 12 m/min

Detailed output file listing each pass and displaying duration,

sample height, applied load and eventual roller and cart temperature

ARC – Asphalt Roller Compactor, Electromechanical system

High load, hot roll, multi size

STANDARD: EN 12697-33

Asphalt Roller Compactor is entirely developed and manufactured by Matest. The machine works with an electromechanical

system, and therefore it does not require any air source (compressor) or hydraulic pressure.

It is used to produce representative sample slabs of several dimensions of bituminous mixtures laid and compacted on site.

The compaction is performed through a segmented roller with alternated operated rotation which simulates the on-site action of a street

roller. The compaction cycle can be programmed in accordance to a certain load or deformation value.

The flexibility of the program grants the production of samples with uniform density and dimensions, fully meeting Standards specifications

and research requirements; these samples are compatible for rut test with Matest Wheel Tracking apparatus B038 (see page 98).

The sample slabs can be also cored or cut off to obtain cylinders and beams for bending fatigue, indirect tensile, static and dynamic creep,

stiffness, and 4-point tests.


Sturdy frame made of steel

– Mould supporting table with alternating displacement system, for

table displacement and vertical load pressure

Integrated touch screen control unit based on Windows operating

system. The control unit runs like a standard PC for the

management and analysis of data, test results, graphs.

The touch-screen icon interface allows an easy set up of the

parameters and an immediate execution of the test.

Direct Internet and Intranet (LAN) connection for remote

technical assistance. This features allows operators to establish

a remote communication and receive software updates or an

immediate diagnostic analysis of the potential problem from

Matest technicians. Hardware technical details: see pag. 24

Unlimited memory storage with: 2 USB ports,1 SD card slot.

Heating of the segment roller (optional)

– Simple and quick roller and mould positioning

Perfect horizontal flatness of the slab surface

Uniform density and dimensions of the slabs

– Easy to maintain


Three transducers are installed to manage the roller and table

displacements and vertical load pressure.

The compaction cycle can be programmed up to a certain load

or deformation value. When deformation value is programmed, the

system automatically programs the suitable loads to obtain

the selected final thickness.

The flexibility of the program grants the production of samples

with uniform density and dimensions, fully meeting Standards Spec.

and Research requirements.

A friendly and easy to use interface allows an immediate and fully

automatic test execution, data acquisition and processing, test

report and file.

The Roller Compactor is supplied “without” roller segment, slab mould,

centering plate, that must be ordered separately (see accessories).

Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz 1ph 2100W (3100W with the heated

segment roller)

Dimensions: 2200×1030 xh 1880 mm (2410mm with opened guard)

Weight: 1300 kg


“STANDARD” SEGMENT ROLLER, available dimensions:

B039-04 ROLLER for 320x260mm mould

B039-05 ROLLER for 500x400mm mould

B039-06 ROLLER for 400x305mm mould

B039-07 ROLLER for 305x305mm mould

MOULD to prepare asphalt slabs. Complete with handles.

Available dimensions:

B038-09 MOULD for slabs 320x260x180mm

B038-10 MOULD for slabs 305x305x50mm

B038-11 MOULD for slabs 305x305x100mm

B038-12 MOULD for slabs 400x305x50mm (no handles)

B038-13 MOULD for slabs 400x305x100mm

B038-18 MOULD for slabs 500x400x180mm

B038-19 MOULD for slabs 400x305x120mm

B038-20 MOULD for slabs 320x260x50mm

B039-21 Centering Plate for 400x305mm mould

B039-22 Centering Plate for 305x305mm mould

B039-23 Centering Plate for 320x260mm mould


street-roller vibrations during asphalt laying off.

Heating of Segment Roller and Sliding Cart

Possibility to heat and control temperature of the Segment Roller

mounted on the Compactor and Sliding Carriage to keep the

mould warm and avoid thermal shocks the might affect specimen’s


The equipment is composed by:


Control Unit

Mounted in the Roller Compactor, it foresees a thermoregulator

circuit, complete with probe to measure and to adjust the temperature

from room up to 180°C.

It is connected to the segment roller equipped with heating resistances.

“HEATED” SEGMENT ROLLER, complete with heating resistances.

Available dimensions:

B039-04R ROLLER for 320x260mm mould

B039-05R ROLLER for 500x400mm mould

B039-06R ROLLER for 400x305mm mould

B039-07R ROLLER for 305x305mm mould


Sliding Cart Heating Option

Thermoregulated circuit with temperature probe to set and control

cart temperature and keep mould hot