Dynamic Viscosity Bath

///Dynamic Viscosity Bath
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Dynamic Viscosity Bath

STANDARDS: Comparable to EN 12595 / ASTM D2171
This precision viscometer bath is used to determine both the
Dynamic and Kinematic viscosity of liquid asphalts, keeping the
capillary type viscometers at an uniform temperature.
Consisting of:
– glass container, 20 liters capacity,
– stainless steel lid with five holes for capillaries,
– selector and digital temperature reading,
– motor stirrer, heating element.
Allows to simultaneous temperate five capillaries.
Temperature range: room +5°C. to 150°C.
Temperature stability: ± 0,1°C.
Temperature sensor: PID
Protection against temperature excess and low liquid level.
Viscometers and thermometers are not included.
Power supply: 230V 1ph 50/60Hz 2000W
Weight: 10 kg

On request the viscometer bath is available with temperature stability:
± 0,01°C as requested by EN 12595 (code number: B088-01)
± 0,03°C as requested by ASTM D2171 (code number: B088N)


B088-03 Silicone oil, type 50 CSt, for tests with B088 bath with temperature
range: 90°C up to 150°C. Can of 25 kg (20 lt approx)
B088-05N Holder, stainless steel made, for Cannon-Manning and
Asphalt Institute viscometers

B088-06N Holder, stainless steel made, for Cannon-Fenske viscometers

B088-07N Holder, stainless steel made, for Zeitfuchs cross-arm

B088-08N Holder, stainless steel made, for Cannon BS reverse
flow viscometers

B088-12 Kinematic viscosity thermometer,
range 58.5 to 61.5°C, type ASTM 47C

B088-13 Kinematic viscosity thermometer,
range 133.5 to 136.5°C, type ASTM 110C


Viscometer pressure regulator, for precise
control. 230V 1ph 50/60Hz
Vacuum manifold, to obtain vacuum to
the viscometers introduced into the bath